Performance Automation Inc.                                                                                                                                                                     We are a small team of Designers, Thinkers, and builders that are passionate about turning ideas into reality.                     What we love the most about our job is listening to our customers talk about the problems and the bottle necks in there current manufacturing prosses. Then the process of watching the dream they had go from and idea to a model to a running machine.

  We have experience it many different industries with many different applications from.                                                             Construction, Manufacturing, food processing, Building machines that stack, cut, drill, mill, you get the idea. 

  As a family-owned business with 30+ years of experience, we are based in central Pennsylvania and were formerly known as Glick Tool and Machine.

Our mission is to optimize efficiency through cost-effective, custom solutions that include analysis, design, and manufacturing of the machine.

Clients bring us their automation needs, and we partner with them from concept to completion–providing training and post-installation support.


 Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Performance Automation has been able to conveniently serve many manufacturing businesses in the area. W have also provided reliable solutions for our customer all over the country.

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