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Most stories start with a problem. Ours does too. But it doesn’t stop there. Our story continues with solutions.

In 1986, Lloyd Glick started his first business Glick Tool and Machine with another company’s problem—how to bend multiple custom pipes at the same time. His goal? Find a solution. 
Lloyd took Newport Blacksmith Shop’s problem, researched, found a solution, and built a custom pipe bending machine that bends four pipes at the same time. Problem solved! The best part? That machine is still running and has been bending pipes for folding saddle racks every day for the last 30+ years.
And that’s our service: solutions to your company’s problems.
Not only is solutions our service, but it’s who we are. 
As a little Amish boy growing up in the heart of Lancaster County, Lloyd was fascinated with creating anything he could get his hands on. He made his own toys out of broken toy parts and scrap wood that his dad brought home.
After graduating from Amish school at age 13, Lloyd built Amish carriages in his father’s woodworking shop for 5 years. At age 18, he became a carpenter for Earl King Construction, learning masonry, roofing, siding, and framing. He then worked for Lapp Welding Shop followed by over 2 years of silo construction and machine shop experience with Lancaster Silo (now Lancaster Parts and Equipment). Later, after a summer on a Wyoming ranch, Lloyd learned the tool and dye trade while working for Scenic View Manufacturing. 
In each of these jobs, Lloyd learned various skills that he now pulls from when finding solutions to a company’s problems. This is what sets us apart.
Once he started his own business, Lloyd continued to learn and grow his skills. For his first custom machine, he hired another business to do the automation work. But he quickly decided to learn the process himself. He started by having another company create the schematics and then implementing them. But after two times of that, Lloyd began writing his own schematics. He quickly moved from working with air-controlled machines to PLCs.
Throughout the years, Lloyd has found solutions to problems like how to heat and blow-mold PVC for Quality Fencing.
In 2015, Lloyd was joined in the business by his oldest son Wilmer, and they formed the current company Performance Automation. Together, Lloyd and Wilmer are committed to finding solutions to your company’s problems. 
So what do we offer?
We offer a fresh outside perspective for your company by . . . 
  1. Addressing the need that you have or helping you figure out what you need; 
  2. Providing a potential solution (or list of solutions);
  3. Researching your potential solutions; 
  4. Designing a custom part or machine; 
  5. Building a custom part or machine to fill your need; and/or
  6. Providing post-installation support and training.
At any point of the process, we are willing to jump in and help your company or jump out and let you take the project to completion. Or we can take the project from start to finish. 

It’s your choice. Its your solution. 

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Our mission is to optimize efficiency through cost-effective, custom solutions that include analysis, design, and manufacturing of the machine.

Clients bring us their automation needs, and we partner with them from concept to completion–providing training and post-installation support.


Our top priority is increasing your efficiency.


A solution is only good if it is reasonable affordable. We aim to make the highest impact with your budget.

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When you you work with performance automation, you join our family. If you need service, we're here!


We do what we do to support our families. Family always comes first.

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