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See examples of our custom solutions.

Automatic Chain Cutter

Need to swiftly cut large volumes of chain?  Our custom automatic chain cutter is designed for quick and safe, programmed length cuts to meet your needs.

Shingle Cutter & Slitter

Cut up to five shingles at once with our automatic shingle cutter and slitter. This machine saves you time and money lost from manual shingle cutting. 

Automatic Saw

Our automatic saw is designed to automatically feed the desired material through the machine and make cuts according to our specific programming.

CNC Rafter Notcher

Danback Assembly Machine

A custom machine for a client to optimize repetitive tasks, reducing labor costs, and boosting team productivity.

Snow Guard Seal Applicator

Lawn Furniture Slat Drilling Machine

A custom-designed slat drilling machine.  Minimizing errors, boosting output and saving on labor.

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All of our solutions are customizable!