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We enjoy solving hard problems.

From concept to installation, we solve manufacturing and automation problems of all sizes. No problem is too small... or too big!

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Small improvements to efficiency add up to big savings over time.

Manual labor bottlenecks are often the most expensive component of your manufacturing process. Shaving as little as 5 seconds per an item that is made 500 times in a day can save you almost 3.5 hours in labor every week. That’s 180 hours a year!

We look at your manufacturing process and find the best ways to automate tedious tasks, so you can save time and money. With over 30 years of experience in automation, we know how to find creative solutions to your biggest manufacturing problems.  

30 + Years



Phase 1:
Project Definition

Phase 2: Engineering Design

Phase 3:
The Build

Phase 4: Installation and Startup

Automatic Chain Cutter

Danbeck Assembly Machine


Our Work

Do you have a tedious task you need to automate? We may already have a time-tested solution ready for you! All of our machines are customizable.

Chain Cutter

Fits chains of all widths and sizes

Shingle Cutter

Designed to simultaneously cut five architectural shingles

Automatic Cut-Off Saw

Features a staging table before the actual saw



Let's find a solution, together!

No manufacturing problem is too big or small for us to automate.