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Automatic Chain Cutter

Need to cut a high volume of chain fast?

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Have some chain that you need to cut faster and more efficiently? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We’d love to build you a machine that meets your specific needs.  

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Fits chains of all sizes!

The automatic chain cutter was originally designed for Superior Tech: a local business that makes snow chains for lawn mower tractors. The design was such that we provided Superior Tech with different sizes of spoked wheels that control the length of chain cut. The operator swaps the wheels out of the machine when he needs to cut a different chain length. This design ensures that the chains are always cut in the middle of a link to prevent wasting extra links.

The front of the machine has a small counter display that allows the operator to enter the number of chains he needs cut. Each chain takes only seconds to cut, but if the operator needs multiple chains cut at a time, he is able to work on other projects while the machine automatically takes care of his chain needs.

The machine can pull the chain out of a 5 gallon bucket or Gaylord box and drop the finished pieces into a container of your choice on the other side of the machine. In addition, we built safety features into the machine so the machine will stop if it senses a twisted chain or a foreign object that should not be in the machine.

This particular machine is best suited for someone who needs to cut numerous pieces of chain that are always the same style and length (not a variety of different chains/lengths).

We also built another machine for a wire forming business that cuts the chains differently. This machine allows the operator to specify both length and quantity needed. In this design, the chain is pulled into the machine and cut from a hanging position. This design does not guarantee only one link being cut, but it is a great option for businesses that need to cut a variety of lengths and styles.

No matter the need, we are happy to find a solution. We have experience working with both steel and stainless steel chains.

If you need something that doesn’t exactly match the machine described above, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to design an automatic chain cutter or other chain machine for your specific needs





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