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Cutting shingles by hand is inefficient! Our shingle cutter allows you to cut or slit up to five shingles at once.  The best part: it cuts shingles at the push of a button. No need for heavy manual labor!

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Cuts up to five shingles at once!

The Shingle Cutter is designed to simultaneously cut five architectural shingles. We originally built the Shingle Cutter with the purpose of creating starter shingles that go up the side of rooves, but with a little bit of imagination, it could cut a variety of other products and materials.

Since the Shingle Cutter uses pneumatic cylinders, no electric is required to run this machine.

It has a footprint of only 25” x 6’, but this heavy-duty machine is built with steel and designed to last. Because it is so heavy duty, the Shingle Cutter is probably best suited for use in a shop instead of on the job site.

Our Shingle Cutter uses a blade from Bullet Tools. Bullet Tools also sells a similar manual machine, but ours has more power, is automatic, and is sturdier. We expect our machine to last for years. For example, one local shop was replacing their Bullet Tools machine twice a year, while the one they bought from us has been running for 5+ years.

In addition, unlike some other shingle cutting methods, our Shingle Cutter make a clean cut so that the cut side of the shingle can be used on the exposed edge of the roof and doesn’t need to be hidden.





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